The Inexorable Dark

Session 20

Three pronged statuette creates a portal that causes things put through it to become separated from their shades, allowing the material and shadow plane versions of an object or person to move and act separately. I/S, Gro’gash, and Richard create a modification for the statuette (a second base that fits over the original) over the next few days. Richard activates the artifact and the three prongs emit a pulse to create a portal. The pulse is reshaped by a magical barrier formed by the second base and creates an emanation. Those within ten feet of the artifact are reattached to their material forms (moving those forms that exist to a new location and creating forms that don’t exist) and their material forms alter to match the party’s shades. The party reappears above Lake Silvermoon along with a chunk of the church they were occupying. Pippin departs to make contact with his associates. J gets the gnome conjurer to cast a spell allowing him to scry on the other party members in the shadow plane. J travels to Everlund and is initiated by Brannok into Sarenrae’s service. J and the party meet at the edge of Lake Silvermoon.

Session 19

explosion subsides. Pippin explains the Shadow Plane and Osphidian Orbs to J. Other party members wake as sentient shades. Most of the city’s populace is hollow. G meets a blacksmith that died several months ago, still working at his forge. I finds that all of resistance underneath the keep are missing or hollow. party regroups on road in from of square. everyone is briefed on the shadow plane. shades seem to be gathering around the center of the ruined keep. A shade of Elian appears at the center of the keep. Offers sentient shades the chance to serve under him in his army. J and G approach as he starts casting a powerful spell, J attacks, throwing his blade, but it passes through Ellian with no effect. was only the projection of an image, Ellian is alive somewhere on the material plane. Ellian disappears and a portal forms in his place. J jumps through the portal. J remains a condensed shade. Ellian greets J on the other side. J swears allegiance to Ellian and signs a contract in blood. Pippin tells party about priest he knew in Silvermoon that has the ability to resurrect the party. Pippin charges into the portal after J while the other members travel out of Relia and across the seas towards Silvermoon (takes 24 hours, 4 hours in the material plane). Pippin appears in the room with J and Ellian and attacks Ellian. J turns on Pippin and attacks him from behind. battle goes on, Pippin is seriously wounded. Pippin attempts to get J to change his mind. Pippin is knocked unconscious by Ellian. Ellian leaves the room, telling J to perform the final blow. J has a change of heart and tries the carry Pippin back through the portal, but to no avail. J lays Pippin down in a corner and heals him. By acting against a contract, J loses favor with Asmodeus and can no longer use his cleric abilities. J moves to other room (with Pippin stealthed behind him) and confronts Ellian, claiming allegiance to a new god Sarenrae. Ellian calls in shades to assist him. J attacks shades, and a beam of light is summoned from the heavens as Sarenrae comes to his aid. Asmodeus, in turn, aids Ellian by binding Pippin to the floor with burning chains. the two brothers fight to the death, and eventually J is victorious. other party members make it to Silvermoon. G/S/V travel to Hregar‘s manor and loot the now fallen vault. S finds a statuette of a three pronged portal support. G finds a small wooden chest with 2 undamaged Osphidian Orbs. S finds several in-tact spell tomes in Hregar’s library. I travels to the church and finds three sentient shades doing research, Richard, a priest; Gro’gash, Hregar’s nephew; and Nym, Gro’gash’s traveling companion. G travels to the guard tower in search of Gregory, finds the hollow shades of the rookie guard and the imprisoned book thief. G/I/S/V meet in market square with Gro’gash and Nym. G and Nym go drinking while the others return to the church to help with research. J and Pippin travel to Taverport where they reveal themselves to a guild hall of mages. A mage skilled in conjuration magic uses a plane shift spell to bring the three of them into the shadow plane then back out in order to restore J and Pippin’s bodies.

Session 18

Party leaves passwall tunnel, G scales wall of keep, lets down rope, tackles guard off roof, guard falls to ground and dies, G feather falls to the ground safely. Party climbs rope, sees lights on in the keep, keeps surrounded by inner courtyard, notice two other patrolling guards. Party kills the guards, G attempts to leap across the 100 foot distance of the courtyard from the outer wall of the keep to the window where he thinks he hears Ellian talking, crit 20, runs up and off side of nearby guard tower, jumps, starts to feather fall, and then floats the remainder of the way to the window, grabbing onto the bottom. Ellian has noticed G’s approach and nears the window, drawing his dagger. G lets go, I/S fling fire spells into the window, hurting Ellian. Ellian obscures the window with a variant of the darkness spell, that is impossible to see through by anyone. J approaches the adamantine double doors leading into the back of the keep, they are barred from the other side, so he stonemelds through the adjoining wall and unlocks it from the other side. G remains outside the window, ready to attack. Inside of the keep is empty, S realizes guards likely gathering for final stand. Party climbs the main staircase of the keep, is met by Pippin Daggerheel. He has intel that Ellian has been playing the roll of the resistance leader and is involved in some corrupt magics, Pippin has a man planted in Ellian’s personal guard to help out. Pippin says Ellian’s goal in all this was to cause chaos and placing the dynamite was intended to further this goal. I goes to war the resistance pocket defending the dynamite below the keep (invisible, expeditious retreat). Party storms the room, killing Ellian almost instantly, guards killed in the fight exhale a black smoke that drifts towards the east of the room (where Ellian’s study used to be) before dissipating. Ellian reaches into his shirt right before he dies, but is killed by Pippin with a blow to the neck before he can use what he was reaching for. Ellian collapses to the floor, his hand still grasping at the object in his shirt. The object appears to be an orb filled with dancing fire. The orb smashes on the ground as Ellian collapses. Dynamite below the keep goes off. J/S/V and Pippin rush towards the balcony on the far side of the room and G jumps back out his window. Those running towards the balcony notice a portal of pulsating darkness in Ellian’s study. J and Pippin rush towards the portal and jump through, S/V jump off the balcony. J and Pippin find themselves right back where they entered, but the world is in shades of grey, there is no sound, and no-one else is there. The explosion decimates the keep and sends G/I/S/V flying. I is crushed to death by debris from the side of the keep. S hits her feet on a rooftop, flies through a nearby window and a piece of glass stabs through her skill. V misses the rooftop S hit and crashes headfirst into the next building, breaking his neck and killing him instantly. G is propelled a good distance, his ring of feather fall slowing his descent, but not his sideways momentum, he is impaled through his neck by the metal pole supporting a shop keep’s sign. J and Pippin get out of the keep, Pippin jumps out the balcony and rolls while J rushes down the stairs and out through the front door, time catching up to the explosion only once every five seconds. J and Pippin watch in horror as Relia is destroyed around them.

Session 17

when in abandoned mines with resistance, hear squealing sound coming from mineshaft. party investigates as lift comes crashing down. Narn crawls, severely injured from the wreckage. Belrum runs down the tunnels for no discernible reason. party thinks he may be a traitor, G/J follow him while I/S/V travel down another tunnel with Narn (sticking to the right to guarantee that they make it to the resistance camp). G/J catch up to Belrum, tackle him, and interrogate him. they find out that he was going to warn a regimen of royal guards in these tunnels and tell them that this was an opportune time to attack. royal guards patrolling encounter G/J, G/J flee and escape. I/S/V hear guard footsteps and eventually encounter a rebel scout. Scout leads them back to camp, which was just under attacks moments ago. No signs of the branch leader or any survivors. I/S sleep for 2 hours, G/J make it to the camp. S finds an encoded note coordinating a massive rebel attack on the keep, issuing an immediate move order. scout tells party about one other locations he knows of that they might be able to go to for direction. location is accessed through a secret passage in the wall of the keep. party leaves through back exit, fights 2 guards, and finds themselves on the outer wall of the city. party splits into 3 groups and eventually reunite behind a blacksmith shop just north of the keep. S finds a loose rock that leads activates a passwall spell creating a tunnel with steps into an area underneath the keep. area is guarded by 5 resistance members. after some convincing, the guards allow the party to open an iron door in the back that leads to an area with pillars supporting the keep and massive amounts of dynamite covered with tarps. party tells the rebels to blow the place if not ordered otherwise within the hour. party proceeds to make a direct attack on the keep and kill Ellian, hopefully ending the fighting.

Session 16

Ellian throws E into dungeon, J makes death threats against Ellian, party forced to leave the keep, party encounters group of resistance fighters outside of the blacksmith’s shop, fighters ask for party’s help and need them to prove their worth by getting information from Tradeth (skinny, white hair), a dwarf that works for the master of the smithing guild here in Relia, the guild master is using the guild’s resources to make weapons and armor for Ellian’s forces, party rests at Jamlamin’s manor, J finds a suit of royal adamantine armor and a matching warhammer (2h hammer), party then seeks this man out, find out that he works a desk job on the second floor of the guild hall and they wait for him by what they suspect to be one of his houses in the noble district, the party sees Tradeth walking with a blacksmith from the guild back to the houses, I uses Robe of Blending to change into a dwarf and distract the blacksmith by asking him to give him advice about making a weapon for the jarl, J comes up and tells Tradeth that his life is in danger and convinces him to come back to his manor and tell him everything he knows, G/S/V follow back to the manor at a distance (stealthed), I claims that he owns that house that the smith knows to belong to his old master, smith leaves as if believing I, but alerts the guards who try and arrest the altered I, I makes it away in one piece, though he is sorely wounded, party regroups at the manor and then proceeds to deliver the information learned from Tradeth to the resistance (guild master never leaves his room, gets visits from unseemly commoners), a guide from the resistance leads the party to a hideout in an abandoned adamantine mine, party tasked with getting in contact with Narn, one of J’s brother’s, who is planning on getting resistance forces into the keep, and ensure that he is able to get whatever supplies he needs to do so.

Session 15

party meets up with E in Taverport, J hears from a dock worker that he knows from his diplomatic exploits who tells him of trouble brewing back in Relia, party takes a ship with him back to Relia, J finds out one of his brothers is captain and is planning on leaving Relia to establish a trading company in Cratepth, across the western sea, arrive in craggy docks, go into mountain to find entrance to Relia, outsiders not usually welcome, but let in because of J’s heritage, find royal keep is being harassed by commoners who are mad at current king (Ellian Warstout), party heads to the common district and uses secret passage in back of smithy to get into the keep unnoticed, met by guards, travel to upper floors of the keep, commoners break in, 2 make it to the upper floor, where Ellian is, he kills one with a rapier in self defense and then kills the other as a public spectacle, throwing body off balcony into the crowd below, turns and greets J

Session 14

bro quest (Helen’s dead husband)

Session 13

G has honorable fight with Turgoth, party takes a carriage ride back to Taverport, carriage driven by man in league with bandits who attack, party fights off easily, uses opportunity to spread info about their name, in Taverport party buys supplies and recooperates

Session 12

Zevia quest (rumors, Valros, Prethton, Shimmering Veil, Misted Spire, illusion creatures, E stays to tend to dog, Zevia, forgotten keep, stories, stay over night, Vryn captivated, party thrown out, find each other disguised as illusions, re-enter keep, now in ruins, find hive, G take honey, fight against Zevia / Vryn / Valros / Turgoth / drones, queen surrenders, offers to trade magic items for future stories, Valros allowed to keep tower stable, but still under control, Vryn / Turgoth released, forest to become more habitable)

Session 11
  • group has a 2 week break
  • G visits orc tribe in Thundering Peaks
  • learns about his father Turgoth
  • I visits hometown of Minas Elrim
  • E/J/S/V stay in Everlund
  • magic items are made
  • group travels towards Taverport
  • S finds mutt companion on the way
  • group makes it into the city

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