The Inexorable Dark

party meets up with E in Taverport, J hears from a dock worker that he knows from his diplomatic exploits who tells him of trouble brewing back in Relia, party takes a ship with him back to Relia, J finds out one of his brothers is captain and is planning on leaving Relia to establish a trading company in Cratepth, across the western sea, arrive in craggy docks, go into mountain to find entrance to Relia, outsiders not usually welcome, but let in because of J’s heritage, find royal keep is being harassed by commoners who are mad at current king (Ellian Warstout), party heads to the common district and uses secret passage in back of smithy to get into the keep unnoticed, met by guards, travel to upper floors of the keep, commoners break in, 2 make it to the upper floor, where Ellian is, he kills one with a rapier in self defense and then kills the other as a public spectacle, throwing body off balcony into the crowd below, turns and greets J



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