The Inexorable Dark

Ellian throws E into dungeon, J makes death threats against Ellian, party forced to leave the keep, party encounters group of resistance fighters outside of the blacksmith’s shop, fighters ask for party’s help and need them to prove their worth by getting information from Tradeth (skinny, white hair), a dwarf that works for the master of the smithing guild here in Relia, the guild master is using the guild’s resources to make weapons and armor for Ellian’s forces, party rests at Jamlamin’s manor, J finds a suit of royal adamantine armor and a matching warhammer (2h hammer), party then seeks this man out, find out that he works a desk job on the second floor of the guild hall and they wait for him by what they suspect to be one of his houses in the noble district, the party sees Tradeth walking with a blacksmith from the guild back to the houses, I uses Robe of Blending to change into a dwarf and distract the blacksmith by asking him to give him advice about making a weapon for the jarl, J comes up and tells Tradeth that his life is in danger and convinces him to come back to his manor and tell him everything he knows, G/S/V follow back to the manor at a distance (stealthed), I claims that he owns that house that the smith knows to belong to his old master, smith leaves as if believing I, but alerts the guards who try and arrest the altered I, I makes it away in one piece, though he is sorely wounded, party regroups at the manor and then proceeds to deliver the information learned from Tradeth to the resistance (guild master never leaves his room, gets visits from unseemly commoners), a guide from the resistance leads the party to a hideout in an abandoned adamantine mine, party tasked with getting in contact with Narn, one of J’s brother’s, who is planning on getting resistance forces into the keep, and ensure that he is able to get whatever supplies he needs to do so.



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