The Inexorable Dark

when in abandoned mines with resistance, hear squealing sound coming from mineshaft. party investigates as lift comes crashing down. Narn crawls, severely injured from the wreckage. Belrum runs down the tunnels for no discernible reason. party thinks he may be a traitor, G/J follow him while I/S/V travel down another tunnel with Narn (sticking to the right to guarantee that they make it to the resistance camp). G/J catch up to Belrum, tackle him, and interrogate him. they find out that he was going to warn a regimen of royal guards in these tunnels and tell them that this was an opportune time to attack. royal guards patrolling encounter G/J, G/J flee and escape. I/S/V hear guard footsteps and eventually encounter a rebel scout. Scout leads them back to camp, which was just under attacks moments ago. No signs of the branch leader or any survivors. I/S sleep for 2 hours, G/J make it to the camp. S finds an encoded note coordinating a massive rebel attack on the keep, issuing an immediate move order. scout tells party about one other locations he knows of that they might be able to go to for direction. location is accessed through a secret passage in the wall of the keep. party leaves through back exit, fights 2 guards, and finds themselves on the outer wall of the city. party splits into 3 groups and eventually reunite behind a blacksmith shop just north of the keep. S finds a loose rock that leads activates a passwall spell creating a tunnel with steps into an area underneath the keep. area is guarded by 5 resistance members. after some convincing, the guards allow the party to open an iron door in the back that leads to an area with pillars supporting the keep and massive amounts of dynamite covered with tarps. party tells the rebels to blow the place if not ordered otherwise within the hour. party proceeds to make a direct attack on the keep and kill Ellian, hopefully ending the fighting.



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