The Inexorable Dark

Session 18

Party leaves passwall tunnel, G scales wall of keep, lets down rope, tackles guard off roof, guard falls to ground and dies, G feather falls to the ground safely. Party climbs rope, sees lights on in the keep, keeps surrounded by inner courtyard, notice two other patrolling guards. Party kills the guards, G attempts to leap across the 100 foot distance of the courtyard from the outer wall of the keep to the window where he thinks he hears Ellian talking, crit 20, runs up and off side of nearby guard tower, jumps, starts to feather fall, and then floats the remainder of the way to the window, grabbing onto the bottom. Ellian has noticed G’s approach and nears the window, drawing his dagger. G lets go, I/S fling fire spells into the window, hurting Ellian. Ellian obscures the window with a variant of the darkness spell, that is impossible to see through by anyone. J approaches the adamantine double doors leading into the back of the keep, they are barred from the other side, so he stonemelds through the adjoining wall and unlocks it from the other side. G remains outside the window, ready to attack. Inside of the keep is empty, S realizes guards likely gathering for final stand. Party climbs the main staircase of the keep, is met by Pippin Daggerheel. He has intel that Ellian has been playing the roll of the resistance leader and is involved in some corrupt magics, Pippin has a man planted in Ellian’s personal guard to help out. Pippin says Ellian’s goal in all this was to cause chaos and placing the dynamite was intended to further this goal. I goes to war the resistance pocket defending the dynamite below the keep (invisible, expeditious retreat). Party storms the room, killing Ellian almost instantly, guards killed in the fight exhale a black smoke that drifts towards the east of the room (where Ellian’s study used to be) before dissipating. Ellian reaches into his shirt right before he dies, but is killed by Pippin with a blow to the neck before he can use what he was reaching for. Ellian collapses to the floor, his hand still grasping at the object in his shirt. The object appears to be an orb filled with dancing fire. The orb smashes on the ground as Ellian collapses. Dynamite below the keep goes off. J/S/V and Pippin rush towards the balcony on the far side of the room and G jumps back out his window. Those running towards the balcony notice a portal of pulsating darkness in Ellian’s study. J and Pippin rush towards the portal and jump through, S/V jump off the balcony. J and Pippin find themselves right back where they entered, but the world is in shades of grey, there is no sound, and no-one else is there. The explosion decimates the keep and sends G/I/S/V flying. I is crushed to death by debris from the side of the keep. S hits her feet on a rooftop, flies through a nearby window and a piece of glass stabs through her skill. V misses the rooftop S hit and crashes headfirst into the next building, breaking his neck and killing him instantly. G is propelled a good distance, his ring of feather fall slowing his descent, but not his sideways momentum, he is impaled through his neck by the metal pole supporting a shop keep’s sign. J and Pippin get out of the keep, Pippin jumps out the balcony and rolls while J rushes down the stairs and out through the front door, time catching up to the explosion only once every five seconds. J and Pippin watch in horror as Relia is destroyed around them.



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