The Inexorable Dark

explosion subsides. Pippin explains the Shadow Plane and Osphidian Orbs to J. Other party members wake as sentient shades. Most of the city’s populace is hollow. G meets a blacksmith that died several months ago, still working at his forge. I finds that all of resistance underneath the keep are missing or hollow. party regroups on road in from of square. everyone is briefed on the shadow plane. shades seem to be gathering around the center of the ruined keep. A shade of Elian appears at the center of the keep. Offers sentient shades the chance to serve under him in his army. J and G approach as he starts casting a powerful spell, J attacks, throwing his blade, but it passes through Ellian with no effect. was only the projection of an image, Ellian is alive somewhere on the material plane. Ellian disappears and a portal forms in his place. J jumps through the portal. J remains a condensed shade. Ellian greets J on the other side. J swears allegiance to Ellian and signs a contract in blood. Pippin tells party about priest he knew in Silvermoon that has the ability to resurrect the party. Pippin charges into the portal after J while the other members travel out of Relia and across the seas towards Silvermoon (takes 24 hours, 4 hours in the material plane). Pippin appears in the room with J and Ellian and attacks Ellian. J turns on Pippin and attacks him from behind. battle goes on, Pippin is seriously wounded. Pippin attempts to get J to change his mind. Pippin is knocked unconscious by Ellian. Ellian leaves the room, telling J to perform the final blow. J has a change of heart and tries the carry Pippin back through the portal, but to no avail. J lays Pippin down in a corner and heals him. By acting against a contract, J loses favor with Asmodeus and can no longer use his cleric abilities. J moves to other room (with Pippin stealthed behind him) and confronts Ellian, claiming allegiance to a new god Sarenrae. Ellian calls in shades to assist him. J attacks shades, and a beam of light is summoned from the heavens as Sarenrae comes to his aid. Asmodeus, in turn, aids Ellian by binding Pippin to the floor with burning chains. the two brothers fight to the death, and eventually J is victorious. other party members make it to Silvermoon. G/S/V travel to Hregar‘s manor and loot the now fallen vault. S finds a statuette of a three pronged portal support. G finds a small wooden chest with 2 undamaged Osphidian Orbs. S finds several in-tact spell tomes in Hregar’s library. I travels to the church and finds three sentient shades doing research, Richard, a priest; Gro’gash, Hregar’s nephew; and Nym, Gro’gash’s traveling companion. G travels to the guard tower in search of Gregory, finds the hollow shades of the rookie guard and the imprisoned book thief. G/I/S/V meet in market square with Gro’gash and Nym. G and Nym go drinking while the others return to the church to help with research. J and Pippin travel to Taverport where they reveal themselves to a guild hall of mages. A mage skilled in conjuration magic uses a plane shift spell to bring the three of them into the shadow plane then back out in order to restore J and Pippin’s bodies.



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