The Inexorable Dark

Three pronged statuette creates a portal that causes things put through it to become separated from their shades, allowing the material and shadow plane versions of an object or person to move and act separately. I/S, Gro’gash, and Richard create a modification for the statuette (a second base that fits over the original) over the next few days. Richard activates the artifact and the three prongs emit a pulse to create a portal. The pulse is reshaped by a magical barrier formed by the second base and creates an emanation. Those within ten feet of the artifact are reattached to their material forms (moving those forms that exist to a new location and creating forms that don’t exist) and their material forms alter to match the party’s shades. The party reappears above Lake Silvermoon along with a chunk of the church they were occupying. Pippin departs to make contact with his associates. J gets the gnome conjurer to cast a spell allowing him to scry on the other party members in the shadow plane. J travels to Everlund and is initiated by Brannok into Sarenrae’s service. J and the party meet at the edge of Lake Silvermoon.



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