Fenris Firebrand

  • male human cleric NE

Fenris Firebrand was born as a poor farmhand, worshiping Erastil, raised to see the world through a good light, he has moved forward to help the world, in ridding it of wrong doers. Raised as a farmhand, with his scythe as his tool, he adapted it to be his weapon.

Traveling to the nearest city to assist others, he witnessed robberies, mugging, murders. He tried his best to help by the best of his abilities, but he was weak and was normally beaten up or shoved aside, and lucky to survive by the skin of his teeth. Fenris was still a strong believer in Erastil, and prayed to him each night, asking for help and guidance. When he tried to stop a wanted man, a murderer. Guards were frantically patrolling the streets to find this man, and it was bad luck that he ran into Fenris. Recognizing him by the posters splattered around the city. Fenris, with belief that Erastil would defend him, decided to face him.

After a hectic battle between the two of them, Fenris again has failed, again, managing to escape by the skin of his teeth. Frail and weak he fled the city, limping every step of the way, to a secluded area, near an obelisk made of stone, decorated with skulls cracks follow up the structure, he collapsed.

As he fainted he heard a voice, as if it was a dream, “I have heard your pleas, young one. I am Urgathoa, the goddess of disease and undeath. You seek to better the world? Gather the seven shards of my scythe. If it is power you seek, then I shall will it.”

Waking up, Fenris was doubtful whether it was simply a dream or a revelation. Looking at the base of the obelisk, he noticed a shard, emitting a powerful aura. Picking it up, he has realized it was no dream, but the will of Urgathoa. He has vowed to rid the world of these wrong doers, believing he knows what’s best for this world, and it’s people. He seeks to spread the disease in order to cleanse this world.

Fenris Firebrand

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