• Rogue
  • Half-Orc
  • 6’6"
  • 310 lbs
  • Alignment: CN
  • Hometown: Hillcrest
  • Real name: Maximillius Stoneson
  • Mother: Mary Stoneson
  • Father: Turgoth

Gruflim originally hailed from the small human village of Hillcrest, at the foot of the Thundering Peaks. His mother, Mary, was an unfortunate victim during an orc raid on Hillcrest. She, along with many other women, were taken away. After a few weeks, the women were declared missing and, most likely, dead.

One day, Mary returned to the village, dressed in rags and covered in bruises and cuts. She was pregnant. The orcs and continually brutally raped the women to their pleasure and only Mary managed to escape them.

When her bastard was born, she named him Maximillius, wanting him to be kind and strong. This proved difficult, however, as he was the only non-human in Hillcrest. Plagued by a childhood of prejudice and hate, the boy relinquished his human name, adopted an Orc name, Gruflim, and left the village altogether when he was only 15.

Gruflim traveled south to the multi-race city of Everlund. With no connections, he was forced to resort to petty thievery in order to survive. For four years, he lived this meager lifestyle. As Gruflim became better at stealing, he began to chase after larger prizes. Despite his large size because of the Orc blood coursing though his veins, he was never caught.

One day, Gruflim was attempting to steal a High Captain’s sword from the city smith. A baby’s cries alerted the smith. Gruflim did not have the heart to quickly silence the child with her soft silk blanket. Cornered, trapped, and caught, Gruflim was beaten bloody by a smith and his apprentice sons. Unceremoniously dumped into a dirty and dank alleyway, Gruflim half limped, half crawled towards the Bell Market of Everlund. On his way, a kind, old dwarf cleric, Jamlamin Warstout, noticed his pains and healed him. Gruflim, headstrong as well as prideful, decided to travel with Jamlamin until his debt could be repaid.


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