Jamlamin Warstout


Jamlamin was born the 9th son of Leotiln Warstout, Lord of the Mines of Relia. Being the 9th in succession, Jamlamin was generally ignored and allowed to roam the mines freely. From the miners he learned about the importance of contracts and of the god Asmodeus. With his free time, Jamlamin began studying the teachings of Asmodeus and began his cleric training at age 24.

After learning all the basic skills required to become a cleric, Jamlamin left his home to see the world and all its wonders. Supported by his family’s fortune, he traveled to far off continents, meeting cultures unimaginable to him when he was in Relia. For 10 years he traveled until he arrived in Taverport, where trade made the city extremely wealthy and expansive.

For 2 years Jamlamin stayed there, acting as a diplomat for Relia to improve relations and begin trading. After the agreement for trade was finally accepted, Jamlamin was cut from the family wealth by his brother Elian who had inherited their father’s position after his untimely demise. Seeing no alternatives, Jamlamin decided to begin adventuring again and headed East towards Everlund.

Jamlamin headed directly for the famous Bell Market to see the wares available in this region. Just as he reached the market, he heard a moan from down an alleyway. Curious, Jamlamin ventured into the ally, finding an injured half-orc. Seeing no reason not to heal him, Jamlamin channeled the energy of Asmodeus to repair the half-orc’s wounds.

The grateful rouge thanked him and introduced himself as Gruflim. He vowed to travel with Jamlamin until the debt he had incurred was paid. This pleased Jamlamin, viewing it as a verbal contract. The two headed into the Bell Market to buy supplies to begin adventuring across the land.

Jamlamin Warstout

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