female human wizard


Height: 5’5"
Hair and eye color: brown
Deity: Nethys
Alignment: Neutral


backstory: came from a well off family, always had a love of books, so becoming a wizard seem like a pretty easy choice for her. studied for ten years before feeling ready to try to adventure. never really talked to people much, and doesn’t like those who make stupid decisions. she never met any orcs before heading out, as they usually don’t become wizards.

goals: wants to write a fantasy novel based on her adventures, and can be seen scribbling in a spellbook whenever she gets the chance. wants to experience the world so her book with be better.

love interests: was rescued by a half-elf assassin named vryn and fell hard for the mysterious stranger. she doesn’t know how to deal with this however, and tries her best to stay cool around him. Gets flustered whenever her crush is brought up by the party. It’s even worse because he is now a party member.


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