The Inexorable Dark

Session 1
  • game starts, party is shopping in the Bell Market of Everlund
  • Gruflim/Jamlamin know each other, all others are strangers
  • Hall of the Elders is attacked, wall explodes, figure seen escaping
  • E/G/J rush inside the building, S lags behind, writing in her journal
  • room is filled with a giant table, pillars, double door at the far end
  • elven man holding the body of a young woman is seen near the entrance
  • both figures seem to be severely injured, the woman is missing her left arm
  • J goes to heal the woman, is stabbed by an animated suit of leather armor
  • E/G/J fight off and destroy the suit of armor, J finishes healing woman
  • G spots and investigates the body of a human man further into the room
  • woman wakes, her eyes opening, and man falls unconscious from exhaustion
  • identifies herself as adopted daughter of man holding her, Gwyn Hearthstrider
  • she then identifies other body as the Master of Guilds, Breygof Blacktongue
  • G sees that the Breygof is dead, having been stabbed in the back with a dagger
  • the stab wound matches the one received by J, and the dagger armor was holding
  • G picks up the dagger and puts in into his pack, E/S go to investigate hall
  • Harpers arrive and take J, Gwyn, woman to Moongleam Tower for healing
  • S finds the Master of Guild’s chambers, which have been ransacked, little taken
Session 2
  • contacted by the city guard, asked to deliver any info to city barracks/armory
  • party delivers information about animated armor and dagger to the city barracks
  • encouraged to seek out more information on the dagger in the Moongleam Tower
  • visit the nearby armory, bribe the guard to sell goods, meet man named Brannok
  • Brannok is restless and eager to leave the city, but his father has other plans—
  • promise Brannok that they will meet him back at the armory at midnight tonight
  • travel to Moongleam Tower, which is bustling with numerous injured civilians
  • investigate the library on the third floor, inquire about dagger, browse books
  • S finds and takes a book detailing various ancient deities for info on Tyrodin
  • G shows the dagger to one of the scholars, guard takes dagger back to the archives
  • follow guard who is taking confiscated dagger to the archives after a short delay
  • first staircase explored leads to a public display room with numerous artifacts
  • S identifies an alarm spell inscribed on the floor and the dagger is not seen
Session 3
  • party explores other staircase and find that it ends in a solid stone wall
  • slowly break through and tear down the wall, adjoined room has a single display
  • display has the dagger and its twin along with a breastplate of the same style
  • stairs leading up to the display are armed with a touch activated repulsion trap
  • at the far end of the room there is an empty archway leading to a black room
  • G attempts to jump to the display case, fails, is knocked beyond the archway
  • archway shimmers and glows, opening to show a room beyond, distorted by magic
  • middle-aged man in red robes steps through the archway, confronts the party
  • man starts casting a spell and the party attacks, knocking him out on the floor
  • S searches the man and takes his spellbooks and his magical components pouch
  • guards come down the staircase to investigate, melting the stone wall aside
  • G successfully jumps into display case and takes Tyrodin’s Blades from within
  • as guards enter the room, they identify the man in red as the High Chancellor
  • party fights off the guards, some flee, G is knocked unconscious in the fight
  • more commotion is heard from upstairs, E drags G and activates the stair trap
  • party is sent flying through the archway and into the unknown room beyond
Session 4
  • on the other side of the archway is a room containing four portals
  • S identifies some glyphs on the floor as belonging to a linked portal spell
  • knowing they have little time to waste, S closes the archway behind them
  • E/S drag G’s body across the room and enter the Briskwind Woods portal
  • J wakes up in the Moongleam Tower infirmary and explores the tower
  • eventually leaves the tower in search of a tavern to ease his headache
  • runs into I and his pet Boo, just as I is being thrown out of a tavern
  • I convinces J to come with him and leave the city (via the west gate)
  • E leaves G in S’s care and goes in search of J so that he might heal G
  • S tests out one of the two daggers (this one having a magical aura) on G
  • the dagger glows and cuts through G’s leg effortlessly, then becomes dormant
  • S derives the remainder of the daggers’ properties, reads up on Tyrodin
  • E runs into I/J outside of the west gate, but first they go meet Brannok
  • Brannok shows up in full plate armor with a greatsword, is surprisingly quiet
  • the four of them journey back to the forest where J heals all of G’s wounds
  • party travels north to Silvermoon, fight a group of vine elements in transit
  • see a messenger on horseback riding south from Silvermoon along the road
  • arrive in the city, rent rooms at the Preening Partridge, E/S rest
Session 5
  • G/I/J and Brannok leave the inn and explore the town in search of work
  • everyone except Brannok notice wanted posters in the market place for E/G/S
  • party sees a posting for a job concerning bandit attacks made on a local farm
  • investigate details of job at the guard tower, accept and head to Briskwind Fields
  • meet an old man and his son in their severely damage farm house, ask about attacks
  • gather information from surrounding hamlets, many fear the farmhouse for some reason
  • while examining the house, find barren ground, dig, remove loose rocks, enter basement
  • find a dead elven woman shoved into a barrel and a shrine underneath the staircase
  • J places left hand on statue of hand being struck by lightning, hand is shocked
  • secret passage leading further down opens, group of four investigates further
  • find a number of torture instruments and a metal case against one of the walls
  • when approached, the metal case opens and an undead elven man attacks the group
  • undead is vanquished, in back of metal case, prophesy of doom is written in orc
  • looks like the name of the deity to whom the text speaks has been changed recently
  • party heads back upstairs, see halfling man holding the severed head of the elf woman
  • man matches description of the bandit leader, and goes by the name Pippen Daggerheel
  • Pippen works for a mercenary band bent on ridding the world of various evil cults
  • party moves upstairs and the young man commits suicide via an explosion of lightning
  • return to town and receive payment of their services from a city guard official
  • tell Brannok about bounty on party members, Brannok leaves the group immediately
  • party heads back to the Preening Partridge just as E leaps out of its window
  • E/S were woken as the city guard kicked down their door, sleep spell hits S
  • G/S flee from the city guard through the front gate and hide in Briskwind Woods
  • I/J leave the city via the northern gate, I is disguised, J is attacked by beggars
  • G/S make camp, G ties himself to a tree branch to sleep, S sleeps on the ground
Session 6
  • S wakes to find herself in a prison cell, a guard sitting in a chair outside the cell
  • a guardsman with his hand resting on his pommel offers jail guard papers for S’s release
  • papers determined to be fake, figure appears behind jail guard, invisibility wearing off
  • jail guard is stabbed in the back with a longsword by the figure standing behind him
  • pommel guard searches nearby chest filled with S’s items, takes High Chancellor’s pouch
  • figure cloaked in black picks the lock on S’s cell and she is given her remaining items
  • cloaked figure uses his amulet to teleport S out of the jail to outside of Silvermoon
  • I/J spot S as she appears and go to meet her then all three head to Briskwind Woods
  • G is still sleeping in the tree but E is nowhere to be found, spot blood / drag marks
  • I/J head into town to find healing supplies and a book regarding the cult they found
  • after shopping, look for info on assassin, head to slums and find a Nameless Tavern
  • ask the barkeep for info regarding assassin, bribe him, find out about Vryn Bloodblade
  • return to camp, give S book on religions, read info about Gnarled Depths and Urgathoa
Session 7
  • E wakes in a stone cell will solid metal door, a guardsman standing at the door
  • noticing that E is awake, the guard interrogates her regarding the recent murders
  • E suspected a culprit in deaths of the High Chancellor and Breygof Blacktongue
  • it is to be left to the public to decide if E will be executed at midnight tonight
  • G/I/J/S decide to head into Silvermoon via the slums to investigate Vryn’s House
  • the party searches the house, finding a hidden cache of supplies, G takes daggers
  • J/S infer from the civilians that there is something going on in the market square
  • E is lead by her interrogator and two other guards to the market square at midnight
  • one of the guards escorting E has a habit of keeping his hand on his sword’s pommel
  • gallows have been set up in the center of the square and a large crowd has gathered
  • E’s interrogator introduces E to the crowd and gives her a chance to defend herself
  • the crowd is obviously out for blood and pays her desperate speech little attention
  • G/I/J/S catch the tail end of E’s speech as she is seconds away from being killed
  • party rushes in an saves E with no time to spare but G is downed as they escape
  • crowd forms into a stampede and chase after the fleeing party members, ignoring G
  • E/I/J/S escape into the labyrinth of the slums’ alleyways, G is escorted to tower
  • guard holding his pommel slips G a potion, waking him up, and confusing other guard
  • pommel guard kills the other guard in the confusion and forces G into a payment pact
  • G is to follow the orders of anyone crossing their left arm over their chest or die
  • pommel guard heads off to the tower, G strips the other body for its armor, hides it
  • other party members run into G as he is hiding the body in a nearby, escape crowd
  • E/S head back to camp in the Briskwind Woods while G/I/J investigate guard tower
  • G is disguised in guard armor, group goes downstairs to dungeons, recovers E’s stuff
  • G/I/J travel upstairs to second floor, visit the tower barracks and overhear guards
  • pommel guard is gloating and he mentions the name of the interrogator, Gideon
  • J/I stop the pommel guard, pose as foreign officers, and ask him various questions
  • pommel guard eventually gets fed up and leaves, party tails him after a short delay
  • pommel guard stops in the market square, G/I/J meet him there, give him arm signal
  • pommel guard states that they are all involved in the pact now and threatens them
  • G/I/J return to camp for the night, find out S is smitten with her rescuer Vryn
Session 8
  • G/S go to investigate Vryn’s House again while the other party members rest
  • make it to the house, noticing it’s contents shifted, G/S are confronted by Vryn
  • Vryn politely asks for his enchanted dagger back and explains how party will pay
  • during their conversation Vryn mentions the pommel knight’s name is Gregory
  • party needs to steal two shards of metal from a crazed collector in the noble district
  • Vryn asks how the party found out about his house and is told about the barkeep
  • mentions the name of the barkeep is Rob and goes to Nameless Tavern with G/S
  • Vryn bargains with Rob for a lifetime supply of drinks and elaborates on party’s job
  • mentions the name of the nobleman is Hregar, explains about how he fell from grace
  • on their way out of the city G/S are recognized and attacked by the guard, escape
  • G/S make it back to camp and rest, I/J investigate the Gnarled Depths, E traumatized
  • I/J fight undead, find empty alter at center of tree, read transfer power runes
  • return to camp and then head with G/S into town, which has increased its guard
  • travel to Hregar’s Manor and explore its upper floor to find Hregar and a vault
  • the vault cannot be opened, but the shards sought after are found at Hregar’s bedside
  • next to the shards is a replica of a scythe resembling the Scythe of Urgathoa
  • Hregar realizes why they need the shards, grabs a lesser metamagic rod of quicken
  • casts haste, grabs his book, containing his research, and rushes for the staircase
  • J jumps and grabs Hregar’s foot as he’s escaping, Hregar turns and casts fireball
  • entire place goes up in flames, party escapes and makes their way out of the city
  • city is preoccupied with the fire and the party escapes without much effort
  • just after the party clears the city limits, Hregar’s Manor begins to collapse
  • vault of magic items on the top floor of the manor comes crashing to the ground
  • magic items clash together in a mixture of pure entropic energy and explode
  • entire city is enveloped in purple flame and then sucked into a singularity
  • a massive crater sits where Silvermoon once stood, slowly filling with water
  • the party returns to camp to meet an even more traumatized E, Vryn appears
  • Vryn takes the two shards the the party retrieved and prepares to leave
Session 9
  • Vryn leaves to return the last two shards to his employer
  • as he returns, Gnarled Depths activate and kill surrounding forests
  • party runs to investigate, the great oak is destroyed, great evil aura
  • thunder is heard in the distance, red lightning seen above Everlund
  • party investigates, E/S/V remain outside the city (due to their bounties)
  • G/I/J enter the city, G disguised as a guard from Silvermoon
  • citizens seen fleeing from the Bell Market square, G/I/J investigate
  • man cloaked in black is seen turning people undead with his lightning
  • in his hand the man holds the now assembled Scythe of Urgathoa
  • G/I/J fight, I sends his pet Boo to get help from S/V, they teleport in
  • cloaked figure is forced to retreat, escapes using his cloak
  • Brannok and three guardsmen make it to the scene
  • party makes a contract to get base/equipment/cleared names for help
Session 10
  • everyone buys equipment, G acquires Jimmy’s Kicks from Hregar
  • lightning is seen to the north, party finds/investigates ruins, found empty
  • travel further north to Hillcrest which is now under attack by undead
  • party aids Hillcrest and kills the cloaked figure leading the undead
  • as figure dies, enveloped in red light, explosion heard in Gnarled Depths
  • party investigates, tree found torn apart, aura leading to the west
  • group journeys to the ruins, now covered with the undead
  • fight down to lower levels, encounter figure, known as Fenris Firebrand
  • kill Fenris again, causing him to return to the Gnarled Depths
  • party feels themselves teleporting, appear in the Depths surrounding Fenris
  • Brannok, a Harper wizard and two guardsmen are there
  • everyone gangs up on Fenris and kills him for good, Scythe of Urgathoa loses power
  • Harper spellcaster takes the scythe because “it belongs in a museum”
  • party returns to Everlund, rests in their base of operations (east town)

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