Tag: Everlund


  • Everlund

    * large city that sits directly on top of the [[Frostflow River]] * shares this trade route with [[Silvermoon]] to the northeast * well renowned for its booming economy and [[Bell Market]] * peacefully governed by a publicly elected [[Council of …

  • Council of Elders

    * governing body of [[Everlund]] consisting of six positions * members elected by popular vote, represent various groups * meets in the [[Hall of the Elders]] as need to make decisions * High Captain ([[:gwyn-hearthstrider]]) controls city's armed …

  • Moongleam Tower

    * [[Harpers | Harper]] base of operations in northern [[Everlund]] * six above-ground floors and two basement levels * [[High Chancellor]] of this tower was killed by party

  • Breygof Blacktongue

    * noticeably overweight, wears an excessive amount of emerald jewelery * held the seat of Master of Guilds in [[Everlund]]'s [[Council of Elders]] * murdered by [[:vryn-bloodblade]] to hide information on what he stole

  • Brannok Hearthstrider

    * when permissible, uses a massive two-handed greatsword as his weapon * surprisingly silent, even in armor, typically does not speak until spoken to * member of [[Everlund]]'s royal guard, permanently stationed in the city armory * adopted son of [[: …