Tag: Silvermoon


  • Silvermoon

    * small city just to the east of the [[Frostflow River]] * trade competitor with [[Silvermoon]] to the southwest * NW of [[Briskwind Woods]], east of the [[Briskwind Fields]] * massive slums district comprising its northern half * market square with …

  • Vryn's House

    * residence of [[:vryn-bloodblade]] near [[Silvermoon]]'s slums entrance * decorative elvish carvings adorn the left side of the front door's frame * locked chest of magic items hidden under some clothes in the back room

  • Hregar's Manor

    * home of [[:hregar-von-hammerstein]] located in the southwest corner of [[Silvermoon]] * composed of dozens of different architectural styles, seems structurally unstable * consists of two floors with one third of the house dedicated to a massive …

  • Hregar von Hammerstein

    * head of white hair exploding out of the left side of his head * top hat permanently glued to a bald spot on the right of his head * wears glasses with mismatched eye shapes, one full, one half-moon * clothing is made from several suits stitched …

  • Vryn Bloodblade

    * hunches over when in public places to obscure his face * assassin responsible for the death of [[:breygof-blacktongue]] * rescued [[:sonia]] from the city prison after she was captured * owns a [[Vryn's House | house]] in [[Silvermoon]], frequents …

  • Gregory

    * has a habit of resting his left hand on the pommel of his longsword * member of [[Silvermoon]]'s guard, works the marketplace midnight shift * colloquially called "Sir Pommel" by the party due to hand resting habit

  • Gro'gash von Hammerstein

    * best known for his monocle, which he wears in his right eye * parents were killed when he was young, raised by his uncle [[:hregar-von-hammerstein | Hregar]] * lives in [[Silvermoon]], running a protection racket with his friend [[:nym]] * operates …

  • Nym

    * crosses her arms in front of her, rarely breaking this stance * runs a protection racket in [[Silvermoon]] with her companion [[:grogash | Glortch]]

  • Gideon

    * stands fully upright at all times with his hands held behind his back * shaved head, no facial hair, piercing blue eyes, ever-present scowl * long time interrogator and executioner of the [[Silvermoon]] guard * refuses to wear a helmet even though it …