Minas Elrim

Founded long ago by the High Elf, Aglarel Orvir, Minas Elrim was different from many other elven cities. Rather than integrating with nature and building homes amongst the trees, the city was built out of marble and stone. Large walls surround the outskirts of the city offering protection to the elves, they spent their time with wizards dwelling and perfecting the elven magic while the soldiers have practiced the art of elven sword fighting. It is considered a capital to the elves, who are colloquially known as “City Elves” rather than a “Forest Elf”.

Minas Elrim’s location is a peculiar one, with one having to venture through mountains to come to this secluded city. Along with a protection ward by the Wizards of the city to prevent scrying, the city was nicknamed, “The Hidden City”.

Government in the city is run by a select number of elected officials of elven royalty, they run matters as to what is best for the city. This tradition was started by the first Elven Lords, lead by the founder, Aglarel Orvir, along with his companions, Galon Falaroth, Naldîr Teltaar and Äroth Laedrid. Known today as the First Elven Lords.


A predetermined point of view of life is held by the elves here, you are born and your life is written by the gods. Some grow up to be warriors, some are shop keeps, and some are wizards. Those born as sorcerers have no say in the matter, regardless of that person’s aspirations.

While warriors are praised for their strength and wizards are exalted for their dedication to their studies and intellect, sorcerers are looked down upon as a stereotypical trickster or hooligan. Some take to petty crimes, while others attempt to conceal their sorcery to others.

During the city’s founding in the First Age of the Elven Calendar, the city took to Dragon Worship, believing that these creatures would defend them in their time of need, as result of this, dragons picked a few families to breed with to pass on their dragon blood so that the worship can continue. By the coming of the Second Age, what few dragons there were have left Minas Elrim and not returned, thus the worship of the gods came to be. The gods were brought around by early adventurers who settled within the city, and dragon worship fell to history. The Elven pantheon includes Nethys, Cayden Caliean, Desna and Calistria.

A majority of wizards worship Nethys, believing that he grants them power through their study to defend the city by placing a scrying ward. Calistria is usually worshipped by the soldiers of the city, believing that she grants them strength in battle. The common-folk in the city tend to worship the Four Gods altogether, but mostly focus on the worship of either Cayden Caliean or Desna.

Dragon worship in Minas Elrim has been a thing of the past, where the shrines have been destroyed and replaced with altars and temples of the Four Gods which have been spread throughout the city. Statues and idols were erected to symbolize the belief and faith of the Four Gods.


A majority of the city are of elven heritage, whether they are full elves, or half elves. Minorities exist consisting of humans, halflings and gnomes, but are rarely seen as compared to the vast number of elves.

Not many travelers arrive at this city due to it’s odd location and lack of ability to scry the city.


The city holds some fine elven gear and weaponry as well as a cultured history of combat styles, diplomacy and magic. Arguably the most popular attraction is the Barad Magus, translated to Mage Tower. Here the famed elven wizards have spent their time studying magic to enhance their understanding of the nature of the world, as well as to further strengthen the ward to protect the city.

Minas Elrim

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