House Rules

The “Master Craftsman” feat can be taken at first level and allows the user to craft magic items related to any craft skills they have with ranks equal to or exceeding the listed amounts. The user’s effective caster level is equal to the number of ranks they they have in the respective skill. Each requirement not met by the creator results in a +2 DC instead of the usual +5 DC. A single check is rolled to determine if an item is made successfully. Failing the check by less than 5 results in the loss of half the materials used in the crafting process, but the base item survives, unharmed. Failing the check by 5 or more results in a cursed item. If an item is cursed, it can be returned to its state before the start of the failed crafting process at half the cost and crafting time required to make the most recent changes.

Master Craftsman Skills:

  • Alchemy (Potions) (1 Rank)
  • Jewelry (Rings / Amulets) (3 Ranks)
  • Misc (Other Wondrous Items) (3 Ranks)
  • Weapons (Melee / Ranged) (5 Ranks)
  • Armor (Armor / Shields) (5 Ranks)

Item Creation Feats:

  • Scribe Scroll / Brew Potion (CL 1st)
  • Craft Wondrous Item / Forge Ring (CL 3rd)
  • Craft Magic Arms and Armor (CL 5th)
  • Craft Wand / Rod / Staff (CL 7th)

House Rules

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